Hello and welcome!

Stress, anxiety, depression or just the winter blues…

Today’s adults come across a lot of obstacles when trying to be a grown up. And the abundant self-help advice that bombards you when you Google ways to make yourself feel better can sometimes just make you slam your laptop shut and wallow in your own misery for an evening instead.

As someone who’s battled with all of the above feelings, I know the mind can often be a bemusing place. Often, it is the little things that you find comfort in. That is why I’ve set up this “lifestyle” blog – welcome to L & Vie!

I have always enjoyed blogging in the past and it never fails to surprise me when someone says that they’ve enjoyed reading a post as well! Not only will L & Vie serve as a great outlet for me to write about random things that have made me smile or think really deeply about life (don’t worry, those ones will be pretty rare), I hope it will also become a source of enjoyment and perhaps even inspiration to whoever decides to follow the little link to here!

Whether it’s a delicious recipe, a new art project, a book, recommendations from my travels, a new sport I’ve tried out (ha! Thought I’d throw that one in for a laugh) or the weird and wonderful things that strangers have said to me – I hope that you enjoy reading L & Vie as much as I will enjoy crafting it.


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