Restaurant review: Beef Bar, Prague 

Vegans and vegetarians, turn away.

This little spot in the centre of Prague is a meat lover’s paradise. After a long day of walking round the sights (ahem, walking to different pubs via the sights) my boyfriend and I were in need of major sustenance. Steak in particular.

Arriving at the small yet bright Beef Bar (it’s former name, Butcher’s, also lets you know what you are in for) we were sat at a table directly next to the open front kitchen. My boyfriend, having already guzzled about 6 pints throughout the afternoon, immediately saluted the poor bemused chefs and sporadically yelled compliments to them for the duration of our meal. Despite their lack of English, they put up with this with a smile on their face. Therefore, service already achieves top marks.

Next, the food. As mentioned, my fellow diner was a tad tipsy and the starter, mains and desserts all received various high pitched reactions of joy and elation. However, I (being about 4 pints more sober) also very much enjoyed every morsel of our delicious meal.

The chimichurri with bread that we had to start was simple yet bursting with flavour and the smaller portion size meant that we left enough room for the beef extravaganza that was the main course.

The rump steak was beautiful. Neither of us ordered an accompanying sauce and yet the perfectly cooked, juicy steak and hand cut chips were incredibly tasty. It was so good that my darling boyfriend kept trying to steal mine after he’d polished off his plate (or trendy chopping board…). Apologies to the table behind us who then had to witness the ensuing tug of war. I really wanted that steak back…

And finally, we both managed to fit in some dessert. One chocolate cake with dulce de leche ice cream and one flan with caramel sauce later – our stomachs had never been happier.

Our yummy three course feast and a bottle of Malbec only set us back 1,049 czk (about £33). As a couple used to paying London prices this completely amazed us (cue more gasps of joy).

If you ever happen to be exploring the gorgeous city of Prague and are in need of a flavoursome meal in a intimate, friendly environment, Beef Bar should definitely be on your list. If, like me, you have a boyfriend who has been making the most of the cheap beer in tow then the staff will also put up with him. Always a bonus.


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