Top 5 European cities for positive vibes

Looking for a mood-boosting city break? I thought I would compile a list of my favourite corners of Europe that had my happiness levels soaring in no time at all. Because, what better way to make yourself feel refreshed and cheery than jetting off to a foreign land (if you block out the horrors of your bargain bucket flight)?

  1. Paris
    A city where all roads lead to cheese, coffee or wine. Or all of the above. My favourite thing about Paris is that you instantly feel more cultured. I live in London and, although I consider myself a culture vulture, in all honesty the majority of my time is spent on my sofa eating copious packet of biscuits. When in Paris, you will find me frequenting sophisticated wine bars, channeling my very best Amélie style and conjuring up a poem about a painting I saw that day.
  2. Lisbon
    I bloody love this city. Where else will you be able to enjoy delicious seafood and listen to fado – really, really melancholic songs that make you realise that your life perhaps isn’t so bad (even if you don’t understand a word being sung).
  3. Prague
    Apart from the insanely cheap beer, one of the things that really made me smile about Prague were the peeing statues outside of the Franz Kafka Museum. Oh, and the belly-warming goulash, the stunning views from the castle, the beautiful (and not too pricey) classical music concerts and this restaurant that I just HAD to blog about.
  4. Rome
    Pizza. Need I say more?
  5. Copenhagen
    You will feel like the ultimate hipster just wandering around this trendy city. Also, the Danes are renowned for being among the happiest people in the world so some of their joviality is bound to rub off on you. Just don’t go in the height of winter like I did. You will freeze your bollocks of and that will do absolutely nada for your well-being.

Happy travels!


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