Things that I work into my week to stay positive


YAY, we are now officially headed towards those glorious summer months (the brighter weather sure does make things a little easier).  However, this also means we’re arriving at that time of year when calendars fill up and sometimes life just feels that little bit too hectic (weddings, parties, work commitments, more parties ahhhh).

Fear not! I have some tricks for you to work into your busy weeks (or every fortnight or so if you are really that popular and in demand). These small activities help to keep me calm and happy, even at the most trying of times. In fact, I’ve just spent the bank holiday weekend doing most of these so consider them tried and tested!

Small amounts of exercise

Now, I don’t mean go and sign up to your local sports team (I mean, go for it but you’re making the rest of us unsporty types look bad…). I find that small amounts of exercise every day helps to clear my mind. Whether it’s a walkabout during your lunch break or a spot of yoga in the mornings, 20-30 minutes of (not too strenuous) exercise really helps you through your day.

Getting creative

I love writing, painting, drawing and taking photos (mainly to clog up my Instagram) and these creative outlets help me to release any negative energy and just let me get lost in my own imagination for a while. Whether you’re a creative person or not, just pick up a paintbrush, a pen or a camera (you get the idea) and see how you feel afterwards.

Cooking (and a whole lot of eating)

I find cooking very therapeutic. Unless I get it wrong of course – I once managed to turn a simple shepherd’s pie into some kind of sloppy, snot coloured soup and my poor other half had to cope with the drama of it all before calling the local Chinese takeaway place for back up. But that’s a whole other story! My point is, cooking can be very rewarding and if you have a bunch of friends over to tell you how good it is (and they must) then that’s even better!

Time with your nearest and dearest

Talking of which, spending time with your loved ones is SUPER important. Be it date night with your partner, a girls/lads meet up or seeing your family on a Sunday – just spending time with people you care about will boost your positivity no end.

Tidy up

Don’t let your home get too cluttered or messy (I write the word “too” because I know some smart arse will pop up saying that I haven’t always been the tidiest of people). Relaxing in your living room will always be that much better if you do not have to filter out the mess. I know that now at the grand age of 26…

Switch off

I am probably up there with the world’s worst social media addicts but every bedtime I try to switch off from technology and read a book before falling asleep. Now I just need to work on not checking my phone as soon as I wake up and then all will be well!

If none of the above seems to be working then please, try to chill out in a candlelit bubble bath whilst I go and try out a few more techniques for you. Spa day anyone?


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